Spring is in the air! Well, almost. We're thrilled to report two releases in the works and two new artists on our roster. This summer, we will be putting out two awesome full lengths from incredible bands.

Cool Moon is from Houston, Texas. This trio features Andrea Lisi, formerly of the Exotic Fever band Del Cielo. You can hear the first single from their new album here. We are honored to have them as part of the Exotic Fever family, and can't wait for their debut album Postparty Depression to come out in a few months!

Another addition to the EXF family is Fine Motor. This incredible duo, Casey Bell and Dan Morse, hails from Reno, Nevada, but has East Coast roots. Expect their full length out this July, but listen to a track here while you wait!

Both groups will be touring this summer in support of their releases. Keep your eyes peeled for an appearance near you! Please get in touch at katy@exoticfever.com if you are interested in playing their music on your radio show or interviewing/reviewing them for a blog or zine.

Finally, Teach Me Equals and The Shondes will also both be hitting the road this spring - be sure to catch them. Their new releases continue to do well - you can pick them up here or via digital outlets.


Coming Soon

Postparty Depression :: EXF060
Cool Moon $15 ppd (LP)

Fine Motor :: EXF059
Fine Motor $15 ppd (LP)

Out Now

Noise and Silence :: EXF061
Noise and Silence $6 ppd (cassette)

RedRumsey / Teach Me Equals split LP :: EXF058
RedRumsey, Teach Me Equals $15 ppd (LP)

Brighton :: EXF057
The Shondes $15 ppd (LP)

Brighton :: EXF057
The Shondes $11 ppd (CD)

Lulling Skulls (Double LP) :: EXF056
Ghastly City Sleep $22 ppd (Double LP)