Happy New Year everyone! We are pleased to share some of what we have coming up in the New Year. First off, if you are anywhere near Philly please save the date for February 10th when the beloved Upholstery will be releasing their latest - a fifth studio album called Woven. We are excited to be working with them again!
Upholstery Release Show
Friday, February 10th, 2023
$10 ADV / $15 DOS. Get tickets
Fine Motor is happy to announce the release of two records this year: Phantom Power in spring 23 and an as-yet-untitled fifth album in the fall. Casey's debut short story collection, Little Fury, will be published in May by Metatron Press.
Early next month, Cool Moon will be releasing vinyl of their album Crossing the Finish Line. We will keep you updated via social as to when that is ready. If you've missed it, check it out here: https://coolmoon1.bandcamp.com/
We have a few other surprises in the works, including a collaboration with the inimitable Gina Young - one of the label's first artists and multi-disciplinary artist. Old tracks? New tracks? Both? Stay tuned to find out more. We also may have our first ever book coming soon, too. Keep your eyes peeled!
Thanks for supporting us. We exist to put out music that is rare and infectious. It matters a lot to us to have you listen. Please share with your friends.


Our 20th anniversary bash is on YouTube! You can also load individual acts here.

Out Now

You're Free With Me :: EXF073-A
Star Matriarch (download only)

Woven :: EXF072
Upholstery $15 ppd (download and booklet)

Set up House :: EXF071
Upholstery (download only)

Crossing the Finish Line :: EXF070
Cool Moon $11 ppd (CD)

Crossing the Finish Line :: EXF070
Cool Moon $15 ppd (LP)