EXF Spring News!

Happy Spring, everyone! We have a lot we are excited to share. We just released INGA, the newest from Philadelphia's Upholstery. We are honored to welcome the band to the family. Pick up the CD in our store and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming show dates. They are also looking for beatmasters interested in remixing the album, so if that is up your alley consider giving it a go. Also, please check out their music video!

June 1st we will be putting out the newest release from Cool Moon, featuring Andrea Lisi formerly of Del Cielo. We put out their last record and are honored to be working together again on this one. The release is a beautiful screened poster with a download code. It is available for pre-order now in the store. Check out a new single from their release, The Devil Doesn't Always Need An Advocate.

War on Women has a newish album out and is about to tour Europe again! We are so honored to have released this band's debut ten inch, Improvised Weapons, which you can still order in our store. Their European tour will be with Petrol Girls. Considering the assault on reproductive rights in this country, we are grateful every day for this band and their powerful music. Take a look at the dates here.

Fine Motor is getting ready to make our second record this summer. Drummer Casey is helping out with the first ever Girls Rock Reno camp this summer too! Here's a link: https://www.hollandreno.org/portfolio/grr/

Greg from Teach Me Equals has been playing shows with Vern (aka RedRumsey) on some shows. Remember to pick up their split release. Teach Me Equals is currently taking a break, but has released its last music video for the time being here. Erin is recording and performing as Mosephine. Greg is performing under his own name (Gregory Bortnichak) and his debut record, Locutionis coming out May 24th on 2060 Records.Check out these links:

Website: https://www.gregorybortnichak.com/

1st Single: https://soundcloud.com/gregory-bortnichak/im-on-fire

We were happy to partner with Majority Rule and pageninetynine to help organize another benefit tour on the west coast for incredible organizations on the frontlines of economic, racial and reproductive justice. You can read more about that tour and its beneficiaries here. All told, the west coast toured raised $28,693 for powerful organizations – with the prior east coast benefit tour, that now makes well over $60,000. We love our friends and are so grateful to them for using music as a tool to build solidarity.

Thank you for supporting the label, and stay tuned for more!

Out Now

The Devil Doesn't Always Need an Advocate :: EXF064
Cool Moon $10 ppd (Poster with Download)

I.N.G.A. :: EXF063
Upholstery $11 ppd (CD)

The Way Out :: EXF062
Callowhill $11 ppd (CD)

Noise and Silence :: EXF061
Noise and Silence $6 ppd (cassette)

Postparty Depression :: EXF060
Cool Moon $15 ppd (LP)