Winter is well on its way, and we've got a lot going on here at Exotic Fever. From now through the end of the year, proceeds from any releases you purchase from the label will go to the awesome organization Ultraviolet - a fantastic project which does digital organizing to end sexual harassment, sexual assault, inequity and discrimination. We felt this partnership was a great way for us to honor the #metoo moment culturally.

Cool Moon just did a brief stint of touring on the East Coast. If you have not picked up their debut LP Postparty Depression yet, please do so immediately!

The Shondes will have some shows in 2018. We'd also like you to pick up Brighton, their most recent release, on either CD or LP. Digitally, there are also Brighton B-sides available, so if you haven't gotten those yet please do pick them up at any digital outlet you prefer.

War on Women also has a full new lineup and dates in the works. If you haven't gotten their debut ten inch from us yet, please do while supplies are hot! Order it here.

We have copies of the Noise & Silence tape if you haven't yet checked out this awesome Philly duo.

Fine Motor also came through this year, visiting the East Coast from their Nevada home. Check out their songs and pick up the album if you haven't here.

Callowhill has a feature coming out in the newest Magnet issue which will post soon, and you can pick up their debut full length CD The Way Out from us here.

Remember if you have great ideas for bands EXF artists could tour with, please let us know! Contact katy@exoticfever.com. Please also reach out if you are from a zine, blog or radio station and would like to pick up our releases! Thanks for supporting us.

Out Now

The Way Out :: EXF062
Callowhill $11 ppd (CD)

Noise and Silence :: EXF061
Noise and Silence $6 ppd (cassette)

Postparty Depression :: EXF060
Cool Moon $15 ppd (LP)

Fine Motor :: EXF059
Fine Motor $15 ppd (LP)

RedRumsey / Teach Me Equals split LP :: EXF058
RedRumsey, Teach Me Equals $15 ppd (LP)